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How to increase your net worth in 12 months

Posted by Jeff Goodnow on January 7, 2019

How do you increase your net worth in the next 12 months? This is a straight forward question. Yet, it is one that many people can’t or don’t want to answer. The truth is, it is not their fault.

There’s a lot of pieces to this puzzle, so let’s be clear about what we are going to discuss:

  • Assets and Liabilities (components of Net Worth)
  • How to calculate your net worth
  • Why your net worth is important
  • The five things that hurt your net worth, and
  • The five things that help your net worth

As we begin to learn about net worth, let’s address some common mistakes that distract people from growing real wealth and achieving financial freedom.

Unfortunately, most people see “things” and assume they equate to wealth. Merriam-Webster defines “wealth”, as an abundance of valuable possessions or money.

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What Science Can Teach Us About Creating Wealth: The Role of Simple

Posted by Jeff Goodnow on December 10, 2018

What Science Can Teach Us About Creating Wealth: The Role of Simple

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that “Science is valued by society because the application of scientific knowledge helps to satisfy many basic human needs and improve living standards”. So important is simplicity in the philosophy of science that there is principle guiding its application. Occam’s razor states, all other things being equal, the simplest theory is most likely true. In other words, simplicity is a meta-scientific criterion by which scientists evaluate competing theories.

The genius of some of the greatest minds in science was in their ability to explain difficult subjects in a simple manner. Albert Einstein himself said, “the definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple”.

Does the concept of simplification apply to finance, and specifically creating wealth?

We believe the answer to that question is “yes”.

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A Financial Coach Will Help You Build The Wealth You Need

Posted by Jeff Goodnow on November 9, 2018

What do professional athletes and many successful people have in common that contributes to their success? They have coaches and mentors to guide them to their goals.

Recent research from Kabbage sought to uncover just how important mentors are to small business success. In a survey of 200 small business owners, almost all (92%) of respondents found a mentor to be critical to their success, even though only 22% were mentored when they were a start-up.

When asked about survey results, Amy Zimmerman, Head of People Operations at Kabbage, says “mentors expand your viewpoint, helping you see multiple perspectives to solve problems and from my experience give you the ability to collaborate and workshop ideas with a trusted source.” Further adding “I liken mentors to coaches, it’s a relationship to which many of us can relate.”

If small business owners experienced this level of success with mentors, what can you realize with a financial coach?

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Your biggest asset is also most at-risk

Posted by Jeff Goodnow on March 14, 2018

After many years of working, saving and investing for the future, many households eventually arrive at a point where they have accumulated significant assets, both in terms of number and value. I am talking not just about real assets such as houses, property, vehicles, collectibles and more, but also financial assets including holdings in investment and retirement accounts like 401(k)s and 403(b)s.

For many people, especially those who are further along in their careers and nearing retirement, their financial holdings may represent their largest asset. For a good number of them, these assets are bigger than the equity value they have built up in their primary residence.

These assets are also the most at-risk from a loss in value. While individuals can insure property and belongings against loss (for example, home insurance protecting against loss from a fire), there really is no insurance available for financial holdings. At least not in the traditional sense.

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Ultimately we like to say that we are "More than a Money Manager. This is a small business run by people not robots. We talk, we plan, we execute together, as partners working to achieve the same goal."

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