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Your biggest asset is also most at-risk

Posted by Jeff Goodnow on March 14, 2018

After many years of working, saving and investing for the future, many households eventually arrive at a point where they have accumulated significant assets, both in terms of number and value. I am talking not just about real assets such as houses, property, vehicles, collectibles and more, but also financial assets including holdings in investment and retirement accounts like 401(k)s and 403(b)s.

For many people, especially those who are further along in their careers and nearing retirement, their financial holdings may represent their largest asset. For a good number of them, these assets are bigger than the equity value they have built up in their primary residence.

These assets are also the most at-risk from a loss in value. While individuals can insure property and belongings against loss (for example, home insurance protecting against loss from a fire), there really is no insurance available for financial holdings. At least not in the traditional sense.

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The best way to propose

Posted by Jeff Goodnow on June 14, 2017

As a financial advisor one of our main jobs is to make sure the investments we recommend to clients are suitable and in their best interest. This can be accomplished by developing an investment profile for each client to make sure their goals and risk profile match the investment products recommended.

At Potomac, historically we start the process of determining suitability by asking the client to complete our investment profile. Our profile seeks to identify each client's financial situation, investment experience and risk tolerance. Once the clients’ appetite for risk is determined, we present a simple proposal and strategy fact sheets that could be used to determine the best strategy or combination of strategies.

The process is simple, compliant and gets the job done. But as a company we are always exploring ways to improve our process.

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Ultimately we like to say that we are "More than a Money Manager. This is a small business run by people not robots. We talk, we plan, we execute together, as partners working to achieve the same goal."

Here are some topics you'll read about in our blog:

  • Our risk management techniques that make investing a smoother ride.
  • An inside view of our industry including the ugly nobody wants to talk about.
  • Our company culture and the people behind the process and much more...

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