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Market Cap Weighting: The Rich Get Richer? (S2 E20)

Many individual companies are struggling and the economy is still (mostly) closed, so why is the S&P 500 faring much better? We break down what’s behind this big question ...
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What is a Bear Market? (S2 E18)

There are many definitions floating around of what constitutes a bear (or a bull) market. So, how do you know if you’re actually in one? In this episode of the Conquer ...
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The Black Swan (S2 E10)

In the midst of all the noise about the markets and the virus, one term is getting thrown around a lot: black swan events. So, what’s that? Is it COVID-19? Ebola? A ...
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The Myth of Retiring Advisors (S2 E8)

There was a great deal of chatter this week from a recent article declaring that the number of financial advisors will begin declining next year. In this episode of the ...
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