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The Race to Zero (Ep 14)

   In our fourteenth episode we discuss zero trading costs: What's behind the free trade concept? Is this corporate generosity? Or is it made up elsewhere? What new ...
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Passive Investing - The Next Bubble? (Ep. 12)

   In our twelfth episode we discuss: Does popularity drive bubbles? Is passive investing creating a bubble? What could the future look like with passive and active ...
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A Look at Bear Market Funds (Ep. 11)

  As a companion to our recent blog post, in this episode we discuss: What Is a Bear Market Fund? Who uses them and why? How can this help grow your business?
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The WealthStack 2019 Conference (Ep. 10)

  During this episode we discuss: Who we found at the event and what we learned. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome. Who should attend in 2020.
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