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Helping investors who need the most help! [Infographic]

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The 403(b) market historically has been a very unfriendly place for financial advisors because of the inherent restrictions placed on the plans, such as:

  • Restricted access for financial advisors
  • Limited or non-existent ability to deduct management fees
  • Inadequate systems for handling trades and reconciliations
  • Poor selection of mutual funds

The 403(b) market has come a long way since we started, and today the future is brighter for financial advisors who want to serve clients with these plans. By partnering with Potomac Fund Management, in the 403(b) market, financial advisors can add substantial assets to their practice and help investors in need.

The guide to 403(b) success is presented in this infographic. Print it, pin it, share it, but whatever you do... use it and get started today.

403B infographic

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We created a State by State Guide to the Best 403(b) Plans to help you navigate through this complex market. Our guide will assist you in focusing your efforts on established plans that could present rewarding opportunities for you while adding value to the services you provide to your existing clients.

Download Our State by State Guide to the Best 403(b) Plans