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HSA – The Fidelity Experience (S2 E4)

  We have received a number of questions since the launch of our season one podcast episode, “HSA  – The Next Untapped Market.” Specifically, the Fidelity experience and ...
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Share Class Fiasco (S2 E3)

  Looking at share classes is a bit of a mess. In our third episode this season, we attempt to make sense of it all: Why is the share class concept important to us as an ...
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How to Create a Trading System (S2 E2)

  As big believers in processes and systems, our second episode of season two is dedicated to why every Advisor needs a trading system! Self-awareness – What are the ...
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The Making of an Investment Platform (S2 E1)

  In our season two debut, we begin a series on the next evolution of our business: What led us here Why now Our thought process What comes next Sharing the journey on ...
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