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LinkedIn for Financial Advisors and the Charlatans of Rate Chasing (Ep. 9)

  During this episode we discuss: Why Financial Advisors need to get serious about Linkedin and how most are approaching it wrong. Advising clients to watch out for the ...
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How can Financial Advisors access Potomac? Choose a Path that Fits your Business Model.

Since 1975, Microsoft has been the ‘big elephant in the room.’ They basically own the market when it comes to proprietary, licensed computer software (don’t hate me Apple fans ...
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Financial Advisors Can Help 403(b) Participants! (Ep 8)

  During this episode we discuss: Breaking the myths and misconceptions of the 403(b) plan participant market for advisors. Why 403(b) plan participants need more help ...
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The Inverted Yield Curve is Coming to Kill You! (Ep 7)

  During this episode we discuss, The truth behind the inverted yield curve The deductibility of management fees for non-qualified annuities Random useless information ...
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