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Why the Media is Not Your Client's Friend (Ep 21)

In our twenty-first episode we discuss the impact of the media, social media, those who abuse their platform – and the effect on Advisor's clients: Does the media exist ...
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Schwab: The Takeover (Ep 20)

In our twentieth episode we discuss Schwab's takeover of TD Ameritrade, it's impact on the industry, and what it means for Advisors: How The Race to Zero made this ...
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Did the Brokerage Window Solve 403(b) Lawsuits? (Ep 19)

In our nineteenth episode we discuss why the 403(b) lawsuits launched in 2016 and the impact they have made: Top reasons for the lawsuits Why the lawsuits hit a wall in ...
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HSA – The Next Untapped Market (Ep 18)

In our eighteenth episode we discuss an Advisor's ability to manage HSA accounts, and four key points of this growth opportunity: The contributions are nearly half of ...
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